Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Woah! It's Been Months!

Wow! Was my last post really in January?

I can't believe I have been that lax in writing here, but really I have been very busy in my art/craft world.

Okay... here goes!

Last year, I resigned from the Queen Beez Craft Group after around 5 years of being a member there. I have totally enjoyed being a member and have learned a lot from those lovely ladies - but it is time I moved on and really did jump into the art school thing on a more permanent basis.

And speaking of the art school thing, I'm going to the Logan Artists Association every single Monday to get in and do some serious painting. So far, I've completed 1 painting and I'm getting right into my second one... not too bad for somebody who took over 4 months to complete their first painting last year.

If you recall, last year, I started knitting a large throw rug for my bed? Well, it's coming along really well! I've completed the centre square - at long last - and am now working on the pieces I need to fit around it! I've worked through 3 cakes and am about to go onto my 4rth one.  Not bad if you ask me... and now I'm looking out for another 2 of the cakes at $2.00 stores if I can find them to work on the throw; it shouldn't take me long to get all the pieces done. And my knitting is becoming faster too!

Over the past few weeks, I've been given about 13 - 15 used canvas' to use in my next exhibition of Brunswick Heads - which ought to be great! Aaron Pocock has looked at my photos - which were taken on my phone and on the tablet - and he said that I took great care in photographing the little arty township; and my passion for my subject shines through the photos. He also has told me that I have more than enough photos to choose from - from now and the past - to pick from to make a great exhibition for myself. What I have to do is get myself to paint faster; and he's teaching me all the tricks to do that. 

The best thing is that next week, my first painting for Brunswick Heads will be going into the Logan Artists Association Members Exhibition - Part II. It's going to be 'The Harbour Wall - Brunswick Heads' and I'm putting a good price on it. The opening is on 21st, April and I hope to see some of you there. Until my next post, keep creating!

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