Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is Your House An Art Gallery?

Okay, I don't mean, a real one, I mean do you have pieces of work around that you've collected from across the world or across town or even across generations that mean a lot to you; so much that you thought it deserved a place on your wall?  I can say that I do.  So, here's a photographic list of my work around my small - yet lovely - home.

 At the top of the stairs you can see this century-old mirror from my front door.  It was first owned by my Great-Grandmother.  What a lovely piece of artwork; and I love it being in my home.

 I bought this piece at an auction to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation of Queensland.  It's a Wayne Clements original and he painted it at Centro at Springwood years ago.  It was the last time I saw him doing public work.

 This is a Darcy Doyle print that a friend of mine posted up to me from Melbourne for one of my birthdays.  I love his work and it was lovely of her to send it all that way for my birthday.

 Now, I've been wanting to hang this in the house, but haven't found a hook strong enough for it.  So, the unfortunate thing has happened that it's stuck behind the television for now.  I want to hang it in the stairwell along with other works of mine.

 This is just outside the kitchen and is a spin-off of the above one behind the television.  I do love it; but it didn't sell at the exhibition.  And that's unfortunate.

 I bought this one in Chester, UK for 10 pounds.  We had a limited amount of time to wander around the city; but I didn't want to walk around too much as I had friends I was coming back who wanted to surprise me.  So, I stuck to looking at the East Gate Clock and the wall; and found an artist who was selling some lovely work... and I thought to buy this one.  This ones is just inside my bedroom door.

 This is my own work called 'Eighteen Butterflies'.  Trust me, there's 18 there!  I get a lot of people saying there's not, but there is.  It's a great optical illusion that played well at an art competition at Brunswick Heads. This one's above my bed.

 This lovely one is across from my bed, next to my bedroom window and I look at it every night before retiring and wake to it every morning.  Sitting Bull really does help me keep my head about me and the Commandments ring so true in today's society.

 Two of my favourite movie stars are always watchin' me... and a great artist too!  These have been on my wardrobe door since I moved into my unit in 2002.  After Heath's death, I just haven't had the heart to take his down.

 This one was bought at a Blockbuster Video store... actually I put it on layby and clean forgot about it!  Then, one day, the manager told me they needed me to pay off my layby and pulled it out absolutely covered in dust!  So, out came my wallet and I paid it off!  Thank God I had driven the car down that day; it had also begun to rain too.

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