Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Genius Child

Tonight, I was perusing the television times for something - anything - to watch during this very boring time of the year of school holidays when I happened upon an art program about this wonderful late artist from the 1980's.  
Jean-Michel's very name brought back the memory of my older brother bringing home a video of the movie 'Basquait' about his life of art, growing up on the streets and his brilliantly busy and colourful career of art, galleries and arty friends; such as Andy Warhole.
This recent television review of his life covered the full spectrum of his friends, art curators, people he went to school with, past girlfriends and anyone he socialised with.  It was a very interesting show that covered a lot more than the movie did (as I remember it because it's been over a decade since I last saw it).  
I found this hour and a half show a great tribute to a great artist who interpreted his world - and other artist's works from our past - in the most wonderful and colourful ways.  I do recommend you find this show on dvd or youtube.  Otherwise, go and google his name and check out his work; it's brilliant, colourful and fantastic.  It's something we should all be aiming for... our own style.  I've also just put his official website on the sidebar; it's well worth checking out.  Until my next post, keep creating!  

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