Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Melting Flowers Revamp

Since I've handed in my application for an exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery, I've been on pins and needles waiting for a reply; which I'll most probably hear about next month.  How nerve-raking!  
However, that doesn't mean I just sit around and do nothing in the artistic side of things.  I keep working on my work that will go into the exhibition I want to get in there.  And this is the painting which will be going into the exhibition - and next to the two drooping flowers further down the page.  This is the original painting which sparked off my thoughts for the retrospective of these flowers in the first place.
I have been kinda stuck with the close-up of these flowers; so I though to start fixing up this painting today.  I grabbed some music and turned it up loud.  In this heat, it was great to listen to 'Moonflower' by Santana on vinyl.  All that drumming was brilliant for my concentration... and the background looks fantastic, don't you think?

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