Friday, December 4, 2015

It's been a While

I have been busy... yep, the creative block melted away and i got busy with learning more needlepoint. 

i also got busy with creating more ideas for the markets next year... yeah my idea factory in my head never seems to run out. just when i think i haven't thought of a new thing, bang! i get a new idea for something...

so, i started collecting metal bottle caps and i asked friends to send me some too from across the world. then, i had my sun cancers removed from my arms and hands - and i got stuck with a bandaged up hand; causing me to not only be brought to the coast for a week, but to be away from my craft table too.

but the ideas have kept on flowing. i'm glad about that... and i can't wait to get home to make my ideas go from just that into things to sell next year. until my next post, keep creating!

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