Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Preparing For Christmas

Over this time of year, I kick back, relax and fight the crowds to buy last minute presents for relatives... yep, my present-buying is all done by this time of the year.

However, my grocery shopping continues on... as much as I hate going, go I must as the pantry and fridge doesn't fill itself.

This year, I found myself a very cool thin bookcase at the back of the unit complex and it was left by some Indians in unit 43 before they moved out to be tossed out... it looks a little worn out, but nothing bad has happened to it - so I nabbed it!

I have also moved everything from next to the stereo to my upstairs wardrobe, as this week is the week I get my new/used washing machine from a friend who is moving to Tassie permanently. The machine is only 3 years old and is an expensive one too; just after my 13 year old Hoover/Simpson's timer bit the dust on me... and my machine has never missed a beat in all the time I've had it. I had it serviced 3 times and fixed once under warranty; but it's been a good machine to me. 

Over this time of year, I kinda chill out with a book, or watch a couple of movies, clean up the craft area and look after the garden more... an myself. I have been doing just that by getting all my sun cancers removed on 26th, November and this week the stitches come out... I'm looking forward to that because I can then put up the Christmas tree, decorate the house properly and look after the place better. 

Well, that's all for now. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New and Creative Year. Until then, keep creating!

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