Friday, April 24, 2009

Randall Street Project

This one was kind of a challenge. I took a longer walk than usual and hunted for a little while for a suitable tree yesterday; finding one on Randall Street, Slacks Creek near the printing shop and post office on the corner. This one is on the 5th tree along; next to the driveway. It was a nice hot Autumn afternoon at around 2pm and I walked along Kingston Road for a little while before I found the tree I wanted. It was tall and the trunk was white and it was absolutely beautiful! But after crossing the road, I found - as I walked closer to it - that I had misjudged it. The tree was beautiful and sturdy and healthy. However, it was also too big for the piece I had planned to display. What a pity! Oh well, I may yet use this tree for another one... you never know.
Anyway, I looked across Randall Street and there they were. All in a row were short trees with their limbs all twisted this way and that. They didn't look strong, however, they had been pruned recently enough to show that I could attach my knitting to it. So, I pulled out my work and tried it out. Sure enough, it not only fitted, but it look wonderful!

This swatch took me a little while to do because I decided to make a pattern in it of either two pyramids or two solid arrows - whichever way you look at it. But it looks good winding its way up the branch, doesn't it. And it matches its surroundings. However, I lost my stitching needle.
(N.B: I found this needle only this morning at the post office. They had found it during their cleaning up just before they closed up yesterday; how fortunate that nobody - especially a child - had found it. I was very worried that had occurred.)

What I find ironic about these posts is that I'll compose them and put in the photos and all with the date I've place them, however, due to this site being American, it'll seem like I've time-traveled to the future and done this... hahaha. Nope. I'm in Australia doing this guys. So, please give it up to the beauty of the dateline... not me in a Tardis.

Enjoy and I look forward to my next installment.


  1. Good stuff Mozette. All your trees look great. Keep knitting.

  2. Aaaww, thanks Mum. I am... just gotta wait for the offcuts of leather from Triple B.