Monday, April 20, 2009

The Second One

I took a walk today to display my second work of art. It's got a lot of garter and purl stitching in it and patterns too. It's in a park a few streets away from my house on a native tree. The one thing I try to look for with trees is that they are fully-grown so that the patch doesn't strangle the branch and it looks comfortable. This time, I added a little label that can lead people here to see my other works.

I attached it to a tree next to a path that runs through
this park which is on a busy street; so that whoever walks past will most probably see it if they happen to look at the trees. This one wasn't so difficult to do as the wool was gripped by the bark on the tree. I look forward to doing more of these so I can make the world more beautiful. Keep watching this space for locations of my art pieces. As for this one?

It was placed on 20th, April 2009 Kookaburra Park in Slacks Creek, Logan City, QLD. Happy Knitting!

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