Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smith Road

Today, I left the house at around midday in search of the perfect tree for my next piece. This one isn't very big; yet it's lovely and textured. I've joined together two 8ply threads of green and brown together; not a bad combination if you ask me!

I didn't have to walk very far up Smith Road to find my place. Outside the Logan Water Department, they have three weird-looking trees. Well, the work is on the middle one; it's also the one closest to the front pedestrian gate to the building itself. So, this one will get a lot of people walking past it. This display isn't far from the Harris Fields Primary School and so there's sure to be kids and parents walking past this afternoon and in the next few days (or weeks) looking at it as they go past wondering where that website'll take them.

Anyway, I'm glad I did this one today because it was a lovely warm Australian Autumn day for it. I look forward to my next one because it's got a pattern in it. Also, I've gotta go shopping for more wool tomorrow. Who knows what the next colours are going to be? Not me, for sure!

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