Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jacaranda Avenue

Today, I had my volunteer work. So, I decided to take my knitting bag with me and brown and beige swatch with me to attach to a tree. However, I got off the bus early to try out different trees before arriving at work; unfortunately, the trees I looked at were either too thick or too narrow. So, I kept walking up Wembley Road and to the corner and found the right tree.
It was a little way along Jacaranda Avenue on a relatively smaller tree than I expected to use; but it was in public view and that was the main thing. I reluctantly put down the
knitting bag and my other things and began stitching. The day was warmish and the wind was cold and blustery; but I kept at it until I finished. And doesn't it look beautiful! I'm so glad I got the photos I did; as the day turned overcast later on and it rained a little.
Also, I'd like to know who ripped off the tag. You see, they are put there for a reason... to show other people besides yourself where to go to find other pieces I have done around the area. And no, I didn't replace that tag. I wish people would please get out a pen and paper or use the camera built into many mobile phones these days. This may sound harsh to those who have left the tags on my work, however, I'd like to say that my work is art, not something to be vandalised.

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