Friday, May 1, 2009

Being A Knitter

I was taught this craft when I was around twelve years old by my Grandma during school holidays; and I have never forgotten it. It's something that can be done anywhere at any time with two sticks... sounds pretty cool, eh? Well, to somebody like me it does. I enjoy the craft of knitting, the amount of stitches it has (and would you believe that there's now over 20 ways you can do a stitch and the knitting will come out all different?) and what I can do and make from a ball of wool and two needles.
Grandma didn't just hand on a craft to me; she handed on her cylinder of needles and her knitting bag along with a thin book on how to sew and knit. And the section on knitting in that book takes up about 4 pages! My Mum recently bought me a book on knitting that's about an inch thick and has every possible question about this particular craft you could possibly ask. It's also got colour pictures and a brilliant index! I have also bought myself a desk calendar with knitting patterns for each day of the year for 2009... some of them I've done and they work well! Others on there were ones I didn't think I could do; and some of the ladies who have invented their own patterns have really opened my imagination
about this craft.

And so, this is how I thought about doing my outsider art with mine.

I thought to let you into a bit of how I got into this old-fashioned style of making things at such a young age. And when I get to make these swatches of colour that I attach to trees around my local area. Well, I knit mainly at night because I do other things during the day. I'm a bookcrosser, a writer and reader and never watch day-time television (besides there's nothing on there anyway) and so, I do some housework and take care of a very spoilt little budgie who runs the household... hehe... really she does. Anyway, I've been working on some textured pieces and they'll be showing up on other trees. I'll take photos of them and show each one to you in the next few weeks - of course - as our cooler months progress; all in the daytime so that the light is at its best. Well, until my next post, take care and keep looking out for that natural background with my knitted trees.

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