Monday, May 4, 2009

Southgate Street

A cool breeze was blowing and I thought to wear a jacket today when I left the house. I'm walking further and so have to judge the weather more; seeing Winter is well and truly on its way and our days are shorter and cooler. But I like them more as they become cooler and brisker simply because it causes me to walk faster and further and I'll be able to spread my work around to other trees! Southgate street isn't far from Moss Street; actually it's the next one along from Rudge here in Woodridge/Kingston.
I walked along this quiet street full of houses, cars and people having well-earned barbeques for the long weekend (it's Labor Day here in Australia; a public holiday on Monday). So, here I was looking for the perfect tree for my 'Earth, Tree, Sky' work. And I found it about halfway along just after the no-through-road on the right.
It's a huge, buxom tree where the branches are shaded by a gorgeous canopy of lush green leaves. I got to work straight away and had to keep flicking away two stink bugs that were mating on the branch.
One of the residents from a house nearby came out and asked what I was doing and what my outdoor knitting meant. I said it was outsider art and it was meant to make the tree look pretty; that I'm not harming it in any way. He nodded, said 'Right, then. Good day.' and went back inside. I took my photos and walked home in the cool afternoon.
On the way home, I tried to find another tree for my second piece I had with me; without success... oh well. Next time!

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