Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Birthday Idea

Well, seeing I haven't been out and about doing a much of my art in the trees lately, I thought to do something a little more constructive with the wool I have still laying about in balls. On another site that I'm a member of, I have a Birthday Buddy; and her birthday's in October. And so, I thought that in amongst my reading, writing and gardening, I'd get in and start on her birthday gift. Last week, I thought to knit a scarf for her.
It's a gorgeous one that I've decided to do in Moss Stitch with around 33 - 35 stitches cast on. And I've decided to use up the
rest of one of the balls of wool I've become tired of using; and it doesn't match any other wool because I've run out of the red and yellow balls. So, the tassels on the ends are going to be short, but the same colours as the scarf. It's not yet finished, however, I'm hoping to finish it either tonight or tomorrow afternoon and then I'll take some photos and post them here. It ought to look lovely. Along with the scarf, I'll be adding in some other little bits and pieces. I'll get in a book or two and some other things I'm sure she'll love.

I've also picked up an old chair from out the front on the footpath that somebody thought to toss out. I've taken it apart and I've sanded it down to paint it up and give it a new life as my seat to use in the carport during Summer. I'll paint it the same colour as the little folding table I did up from 'The Reject Store' at Sunnybank.

And while I'm here, I've found some anchors at an art shop. They measure two metres long and are around $3.00 a bag. So, I'll be out there in the fresh Spring air before you know it, putting up more beautiful knits as the weather warms up. Until my next post, keep creating and keep knitting!

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