Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been shopping!

Yes! You read right; I went out today and shopped for more than just the anchors at the Riot Art Shop at Garden City... I also thought it would be beneficial to purchase an art apron. I know, I know; after all these years of painting and working up a paint-spattered wardrobe just for the use of it, I go out and buy an apron for my hobby. However, I think it's best to do it anyway just to keep everything else I love - like my favourite miniskirt and the odd pair of good shorts - clean from the paint I like to cover all my other older clothes in.

Anyway, I'll be out and about attaching my art to trees again before you know it. However, I'm also working on the recycled chair right now and I've done up a wicked design in the tradition of my three-panel works you can find on my photos on it in the public photo albums ( for all to see of my work.

Well, a short post today... there'll be longer ones in the future. And I'll take the opportunity to say welcome to my new followers here as I've noticed them as signed in today. Thanks for joining up and I hope you enjoy my art work and the sites I've also advertised on the sidebar for further investigation. Otherwise until, next time I post, keep creating and keep knitting!

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