Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And The Painting's Finished!

Yay! The painting has been completed! With two weeks or so to spare too! I put on the finishing touches yesterday afternoon and signed it! So, how's that for getting it before the deadline. I have seen it change a lot since I put it back up on the easel and with fresher and new colours introduced as well, it's looking lovely.
Now, all I need to do is pick out a name from the list of 17 that have been offered up by all of you who have entered this competition. And from those 17, I've found two that I love. The two are:

'Canyon of the Giants'
'On the Edge of Forever'

Now, the two who put in those titles know who they are. And I'm going to keep my decision a secret until the last day. You can make up your own mind about who is going to win. And until 31st, January, 2010, here's the photos of what the painting looked like before and after I finished it below.

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