Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year ! A New Project!

Hello to all you crafty people again! And welcome to a new year of knitting, craft and anything you can make, paint and construct with your hands. So... what have you all been up to? Me? I've been to Brunswick Heads, NSW. It's just south of the border (it sounds like I've been to Mexico, but really, I've been to the ocean) and had a great time reading, blogging my holidays, getting sunburnt (nope that wasn't planned... normally isn't is it?) and eating mudcrab sandwiches.

I've also been planning a massive project that may take up a good part of my year. Last year, I knitted four scarves. And I gave them all to wonderful people. One of them went to my Birthday Buddy, one went to my Mum, then my niece got one and finally my brother's girlfriend, Katrina received one for Christmas.
This year, I'm planning to knit a large blanket to cover the back of the lounge. You see, I have a lounge cover that's seen better days. It's got huge holes in it where I normally sit. Now, I'll be keeping the cover, and putting a thick blanket that I'm using on the back now to cover the seats. However, I thought to cover the back, it would look just lovely to fold a hand-knitted checkered blanket. I've started on the first square and am 3/4 through it with a Moss Stitch; after casting on 61 stitches. Once I have enough squares done up in different colours and stitches (but the same ply 8 wool), I'll be stitching them all into a big square/rectangle and then doing a blanket stitch around the outside of it. I'll keep you guys up-to-date with how it's doing from time to time as it'll take a while to finish it.

So, what project - big or small - are you planning this year? Until my next post, keep knitting and keep creating.


  1. Hi there,

    I saw the photo of your beautiful parakeet, and had to leave a comment. I love these little birds, as my first one, Skipper, was so adorable. He was a great friend and talented communicator!

    This bird is your pet, I assume. What's its name?

  2. Aah, yes. Stevie is a Budgerigar. I've had her for almost 5 years; and I can handle her as though she was hand-raised; which she wasn't, I bought her in a petshop at around 10 weeks old. I nick name her Little Miss Stevie; and she has her own photo album on myspace which is very popular with the family.

    She got very sick with a bacterial crop infection on Melbourne Cup Day last year, but she's come back very well. Stevie's also a great communicator too; she's a wonderful mimic of other birds and is still learning a lot from me.