Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Projects for a New Year!

Okay... the 'Name That Painting - Win An Art Book' Competition has been figured out, finished and I've posted off the book! I just haven't told anyone who the winner is. Yep, I'm leaving everyone except the postal service in suspense! Nice touch isn't it?

So, you may be wondering what I'm getting up to now. Well, I've been knitting away in the lounge lately on my new project of a blanket for Winter. This year, I'm not doing scarves. This year, I'm knitting big squares from 100g of 8ply wool and stitching them together into a massive blanket to use in Winter. So, I thought to start early. It ought to be good once I've finished it and gotten it all done. I'm onto the last bit of the second square and I'll be starting the third one (of a different colour) soon. Each square will be in a different stitch each time. So, they'll all feel different from each other... pretty cool, eh?

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