Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Work Update #1

Well, yesterday being a wet day - me not being able to do much except clean the house up - I thought to dive in and start on my main piece of collage work when the piano tuner arrived.  Instead of waiting for him, I just began organising the work into piles after cleaning off the piano and moving the furniture for him.
Soon enough, he called and I met him at the gate and he was doing his work and I was doing mine.  I had already done the background up with pages from an old Tom Clancy book (like I did with a smaller one) and so I began working words that had 'idea' and 'inspiration' in the wording and began gluing it along the bottom right with some small book reviews and other things like bookmarks and smaller pictures hidden behind it.  The idea of it is that the idea is at the bottom of the pile and book is what blooms at the top.  Then, I got stuck and I worked on the other book
cover one for a bit.
Before going to sleep last night, I found out what I needed to do to kick it along.  I needed some real books to glue onto the top and paint so that I could mould them onto the canvas; and then make it work into the piece... make it look like it's a part of the piece already.

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