Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art in Mooloolaba

Currently, I'm holidaying at the Sunshine Coast for a week and thought to keep an eye out for outsider art while I'm here.  So, what I've found isn't exactly outsider art, but it's art nonetheless.
While at my Aunt and Uncle's house yesterday for lunch, I spotted some great artworks on their shelves I haven't seen anywhere else (well, some of it looked like Chris Trotter stuff; but it wasn't heavy enough or big enough and it was made in China).  
Then, once we arrived here at the Mantra Hotel, I saw the sculpture in the foyar and thought it was a wonderful piece and found it was worthy of being here (as well as 365project).  So, these are the ones I've found so far.  Otherwise, I'll keep you guys posted about any other art I'll find while up here... we have the Eumundi Markets to get to tomorrow.  There'll be plenty there I'm sure.

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