Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mooloolaba Public Art.

I've been here a week and have found the most amazing public art around here.  And the even more amazing thing is that none of it is tagged or graffitied; unlike some of the good public art I see around Logan.  So, it goes to show how good a lot of it is.
There's the work on The Esplanade along the beachfront area of my hotel; what's better known as the tourist strip.  It's full of shops and food courts, but it's also full of cool public art that nobody seems to notice, but Mum and I did.
There's one that is a 3D picture of a surfboard in a good swell and what you're supposed to do is get on it and have somebody take a photo of you at a particular point in the picture.  We tried it, but it was at the wrong time of day; but we understood how it was supposed to work!  And I thought it was great!

Then, there were the thongs that were just sitting there on one of many flagstone seats; two pairs of them.  I can imagine how many people have tried to pick them up and failed!  But they look very much the Queensland emblem.
I found a traffic control box with the most amazing scene paint on it!  Yes!  At last I found one that looks as brilliant as the last one.  And just look at the colours and how the beach wraps around it!  I love it!  I just wish the artists in Brisbane thought outside the square and painted what they wish they could see instead of what they did around them.  But this one is just lovely! 
In the foyer of the Mantra on the Beach Hotel, they had their own art all around too!  I found these fish-like statues and just had to photograph them; however one of them was broken and so I had to cut them from the picture, but the others were okay.  Aren't they amazing?  
We're on our last morning here in Mooloolaba and so I better be going.  The next time you hear from me, I'll be back in Brisbane.  Take care, keep knitting and keep creating.

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