Saturday, February 15, 2014

Busy Saturday... Next Week? Slow Down.

Today, I woke to my alarm and didn't want to get out of bed... yeah, I had a late night.  Really shouldn't have, but I did.

Next weekend is the Creative Markets and so I thought to get in today and do my last varnishing day.  I painted up a second coathanger and a few more pegs, then I jumped in and spray varnished everything in the varnishing box.
It didn't take long, but I did tick off a few neighbours with the slight smell the spray varnish puts off.  However, I can't help that.  The wind wasn't strong and it was quite hot, so everything dried in record time... thank goodness.

Anyway, I'm happy it's all done.  I can catch up on sleep, put away everything and organise my tables, and work on getting it all done up for the day.  

This next week, I'm expecting something in the mail.  Mum offered to help me out with the ordering and purchase of a rubber stamp.  She ordered it in and yesterday and I'm totally stoked that it may arrive before the day of the market!  Yay!  It'll be 'Lynda's Crafty Pegs' stamp for my paper bags that I've bought... which are just ordinary brown paper lunch bags.  Yep, I've decided to keep it very retro and plain and basic; keep my costs as low as possible so my artwork speaks for itself.

Well, I hope to you see you guys there - who can make it.  Sunday 23rd, February.  9am - 1pm.  Springwood State School, Logan City.  It's the Creative Markets... until my next post, keep creating.

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