Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slow Down Week A Good Idea

This week has been a good idea.

I've had time to think about what other things would make my stall at the Creative Markets better.  What little things would make it stand out, what details would make my life easier there for the day.  And how I could easily make my display pop!

Just last week, I bought another card table.  This one is going to be for wrapping things from the display table.  I'm not going to have plastic bags with me this time, no... I'm using the good, old-fashioned paper lunch bag.  Last week, Mum and I put our heads together and I said to her that I've been looking into getting myself a rubber stamp with 'Lynda's Crafty Pegs' on it for the craft markets.  I'd stamp it on the paper bags and it'd look all very retro and old-school.
Well!  She thought that was fantastic!  I told her that people at the last market told me about the bagging people at Rocklea and I had checked them out online, but the companies were far too expensive.  So, I thought to go cheap, but not nasty, and give people something they could relate to... and remember having when they were young - and what better way to go but the old paper lunch bag you used to have you tuckshop money put into when you went to school?  

Earlier in the week, I bought another card table from Bunnings.  I was thinking of taking my craft table along with me, but it was too much bother packing up everything and storing it in the car overnight.  So, I bought another one - what harm was it going to do?  None.  
I picked out a different coloured table and made sure it fitted in my storage facility and then threw out the box.  Otherwise, I've been working on the small detail stuff... I've been getting together the doilies, the extra table cloth, making sure all the rest of the stock is wrapped and ready.  I've marked the boxes I'm taking with me to the markets.  I'm even going to buy extra milk on the way home on Saturday so all I have to do is buy a paper on the way to the markets... there's no running around.  I also have to make sure I have enough veggies with me to make a slow-cooker stew on Saturday afternoon/night for Sunday's dinner.  I know that sounds like an overkill; but last time, I didn't feel like cooking - so this time I won't either.

And I'm excited about the markets this time - whereas I was terrified last time.  I have the right tables, the right gear, the right prices... the right everything... it's been a great learning experience and I'm happy I've tried it out and like it.  And Mum is excited that I'm doing something I like too; that it's something I enjoy and that I'm not giving up all because I made next to nothing last time.  This time, I have some new things people may like which are going to be surprises; and that's going to be the fun part.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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