Friday, February 7, 2014

Busy Week - Especially Today

Today, I was hoping it would be a good, slow day of catching up with the small stuff.

I was wrong.

Instead, there was a lot of small stuff, but really it was just fiddly crap I didn't like dealing with, and other stuff I needed to do before the Creative Markets started up again this year.

So, I was out the door before 10am and off to Logan Central Plaza to Go Fabrics where I bought 4 metres of white polycotten to make a throw for displaying the little jugs this month.  I'll reuse the fabric to display the coathangers next month or so that I'm working on; so that won't go to waste.

Anyway, I was off to the Op Shop around the corner to collect a book for an overseas thing I was doing online with  This didn't take long, but I did get chatting to the lady there.

Once I was back on the road, I headed to Springwood, where the really fiddly bits started for me.  First:  the bank.  I had to get some money out.  Second:  Sam's Warehouse for a box.  Third: the doctor's to drop off a cheque from Medicare.  Then, I was off to Coles where I bought some chocolate and then I was off to Mum and Dad's house after running into some of ladies from Queen Beez Craft Group.  We chatted for a while, and then we went on our way.  

While at Mum and Dad's, I told Mum that I really wanted to get myself a stamp to put on the paper bags I had bought last pay - to make it look cool.  She thought it was a nice idea.  So, she looked up the stamp company she used when she worked at Mt Gravatt Primary School and then we made a plan about the stamp and she called for me, and we had to wait for an e-mail with a quote.  

Not lot ago, we got the e-mail and between us, over the phone, we both talked it out on what the stamp should look like and found it was going to look great.  Well, I hope so... it's just going to be a plain old rubber stamp where I'll need a stamp pad and ink (these two things I can get from Officeworks; easy!) and so I'll be more into the markets than last year... I can't wait!

Three weeks to go before the first Creative Markets on 23rd, February at Springwood State School.  9am - 1pm.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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