Monday, January 26, 2015

A Busy Few Weeks

Crafty Pegs have been coming along well lately.  I've been working on more black pegs - with some gorgeous little bright designs on them.  Some of them are their own peg collections, while others have been turned into magnets.  

Then, I had to take off to a cheapie store and find things for the Valentine's Day themed market I'm going to next week.  If found garlands, little bunches of roses, itty-bitty tiny roses, hearts (to put into my bags when people purchase anything) and then a few single roses to place on my table just to make it look nice.  All these flowers are plastic and can be put away for next year - or Mother's Day - and I'll put them into a larger box for when I need to make a themed market stall.  

My work bench is coming along well.  Dad and I have looked at my finances - and I have a good enough saved up to get what we need for it.  Tomorrow, we'll hopefully be getting the money out and buying the things we need for it.  Dad's looking forward to this as much as I am.  

Well, that's all the news about Crafty Pegs for now.  Keep and eye out for new markets I'm attending on my website - on 'Calendar Days' - and I'll keep you updated with any news that comes along.  I have been offered to return to the Murarrie State School Organic & Craft Market on 2nd May; and I've accepted their invite to it.  So that ought to be fun to do that one!  Until my next post, keep creating!

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