Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Okay, you may have noticed a few new changes to 'A Natural Background's blog... like, it's not called that anymore.

Yep!  I've changed the name of it to 'Crafty Pegs' so it can reflect what I'm doing on my Crafty Pegs Facebook page and on my website too.  

Do you like the colours and font?  I thought to go with something fun and colourful this time around so you love to come back here again.

This year, Crafty Pegs is moving forward again.  I've been planning on working on a work bench for my craft area; and my Dad is going to help me get it done.  It's going to fit into the spot where my original table and bookcase has been sitting for the last year or so and will be a standing table.  It will also double as an easel for when I want to do other canvas'.

Sounds good, eh?  I'll show you pictures on my other sites and here when it's finished and put into place.

Anyway, I've begun working on other things to do with the Markets and other projects this year... I hope they work out the way I imagine them to.  Well, until my next post (and that will be soon), keep creating!

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