Friday, January 9, 2015

The New Art Area

Today, I really started in on the new art area.  I went out and bought a box that is big enough for all the small stuff and will be used for the coat hangers later on when the bench is finished.  Most of the gear I have boxed up already is ready to be moved out and cleared out, but there's little things that need to be put away.  I also need to have probably two more boxes with lids for rags for cleaning brushes and another to hold all my other bits; but I'll see what I really need first.

I will be looking for a new chair next week and so will be searching the charity stores to see what's available.  It's gotta be a nice bar stool with a gas-lift style chair so I can sit on it when I really need to.  Otherwise, I'm ready to start in on this piece of work once the money is pulled together.  

I'm really looking forward to doing this bench.  I hope Dad is... it'll be fun to do.  This weekend, I'll be working on cleaning out the drawers in the wardrobe in the guest room and taking them outside to sand down and paint them up with a couple of coats of colour.  It should look good... or maybe just leave it the way it is after I clean it out and let the spots of paint I drop on it give it character.

I did some new work tonight, and really ran out of space fast... I am looking forward to getting this new work bench put together and here at my place before March.  It ought to be a good thing to have here.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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