Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Work Bench - Part 1!

This morning, I was up by 8am and out the door by 9:15am.  Yes, today was the day Dad and I started on working on my Crafty Pegs Work Bench.

After I got in and took some donations to Vinnies at Springwood, then went to the bank to get out the much-needed money, I was off to Mum and Dad's place where we got ourselves organised to go out and have a look at kitchen counter tops at the industrial estate, not far from where I live.

But the place Dad had in mind was closed today, so we found another kitchen place nearby and they told us where they supplied for, and we took off there.

We showed them what we wanted and we were offered a very good price, and informed we could pick it up on Saturday.  Great!  After I paid for it, Dad and I walked around 'Total Kitchens' on Compton Road to see what else they had - and did they have some stuff!  I'll be going there to look at a new drainer for my kitchen because mine's on its way out.

Anyway, I digress...

We had done all we could today.  Now, we have until Saturday to get things sorted out.  Yesterday, I cleaned up, cleaned out and threw out a lot of things in my craft area; so it was ready for the new bench.  I have the rest of the week to myself... to get what I need done; that's mainly varnishing and wrapping and organising myself for next month's market on 7th, February, at Murarrie Progress Hall, from 3pm - 8pm.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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