Sunday, February 1, 2015

My New Work Bench - Completed!

A few days ago, I talked about my new work bench for Crafty Pegs being worked on with my Dad.

First off, we ordered the pieces being pre-cut at a kitchen place - so it was cheaper for me and the pieces were square.  This was a good move.  I picked them all up on Saturday morning, took them to my folks' house and we started putting edging along the edges of it with a dry iron.  

However, Mother Nature had other plans for us... and it nasty!  A huge storm was brewing and it came up fast and ugly.  So, we packed up quickly and I headed off home.

Today, I was back there again, armed with a light and a few other little things to work on the bench again.  

And man!  Did we work!  We got right into it!  The bench was put together today, and before I knew it, lunch had been and gone, we had been back to Bunnings and picked up a few last minute items and needs for it, and I had spend all the money I had saved up for it - every last dime!  

I'm so pleased it's happened this way.  I saved up $140 for it... and spent exactly that amount!

Very cool!  There's one photo and one collage for you guys to look at.  I hope you've been as busy as I have.  I got the chair from Officeworks for $88.00 and it was easy as dirt to put together! 

Now, the legs on the bench are little long, but it's nothing my Dad and I can't fix... anyway, welcome to the beginning of another yet... another lot of fun times of me showing you more photos of my new works - this time, on my new workbench! 

Photo No.1

Photo No. 2

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