Friday, February 20, 2015

Wet Weekend of Work

This weekend is going to be a wet one... very wet.  Cyclone Marcia is going to affect everyone within coo-ee of it - which includes my city of Brisbane and all the way down past the New South Wales border.

However, this also gives me plenty of time to work on more art and craft than ever.  Now I have enough paint and plenty of magnets all set up, I can have everything worked on at my bench for as long as I wish - even if the power fails on me, as I have a headlamp stored away nearby to attached to me.

So, what do you get up to when the weather turns foul?  After I run out of things to do at my work bench (which will take a while), I'll be reading, writing and cleaning out the house.  Well, keep creating - no matter what the weather!

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