Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hand-knitted Dishcloths and Other Such Things

I'm looking forward to the Easter Markets this weekend.  Not only am I completely oranised, but I'm also working on a new line of little things to add to my stall - which are also hand-made, just like everything else I have on sale there.

I was taught to knit aged 12 when I was only holidays at my Grandparents' house at Tarragindi here in Brisbane.  It was a wet day and my brother and I were both bored and so Grandma taught me to knit and show my brother how to crochet (not that he'd let on that he picked it up as he never kept up the skill).  
When we returned to school, I remember in Home Ec., we were asked if anyone could knit or crochet.  Only two girls put their hands up - me and one other girl - and we were set to work on a 10x10 stitch of knitting.  While we both found this skill hard at the time, I have kept up my practice of knitting and have been making scarves and beanies for the last few years.  

However, I've begun making dishcloths and washers to sell at my market; deciding over the last few days to start making them.  So far, I've completed two and I'm onto my third one.  Each one is individual and are of my own pattern, being made from yarn I've had for years and wish to get rid of - so the yarn is perfect.  

This will take time though.  I'm not going to put any of them out on the stall until next year.  So, even though I'm making the first few now, I've got the rest of the year to get in and make well over 60 by Christmas.  And during the New Year break, I'll be making even more while I'm down the coast too.  So, it'll be nice to be able to enjoy making them there.  

Well, what have you been up to lately?  Anything new?  Anything old that you've picked up from years gone by?  Until my next post, keep creating!

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