Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Busy Little Artist!

I haven't been around and I must apologise for this... but I've been busily working on art, paintings and tapestry - not exactly in that order - but I have had my mind and hands on art equipment all the same.

This weekend, I'm taking part in an art opening at the Logan Artists Association at Coral Street, Loganlea. It's called 'Black and White' and it's a collection of art by female artists around Logan City and just in time for International Womens' Day. It starts on 4th, March and the exhibition finishes on 15th, March. I have a piece in it and hope to have a great time on Saturday.
I've also joined the Logan Artists Association this year so I can learn new things in the art world. They have lessons going on how to work with clay - something I've always wanted to know - and art lessons which cost only about $20 or so and lectures from artists from around Logan City.

This is going to be so exciting and I can't wait to attend this exhibition, seeing I have piece in it for the next week and half.

I hope it sells, and if it doesn't, at least people will get to know me as an artist. 

The Lake Como tapestry is coming along so well! The only thing that is fouling up the works is the fiddly bits of which colour is yellow, white or pale yellow... other than that, it's coming along really well in leaps and bounds! Until my next post, keep creating! 

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