Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Logan Artists Association

I've joined this wonderful local association of artists in my area. It's a great place to go and has done wonders for my self-esteem!

Thus far, I've been a part of the 'Black and White' Exhibition for International Womens' Day this month; and this week, when I pick up my work from there, I'll be dropping off my work for 'Filling the Gaps' Exhibition for next month! 

Now, this is more wall-time than I ever got with the Logan Art Gallery! And seeing I'm a financial member, my work is going to be up on those walls for free! Isn't that brilliant?

I'm also taking part in an art class and enjoying every single minute of it! Aaron Pocock started his art class this past Monday and instead of being a conventional art teacher - with a set lesson plan - he's opted for us to do our own thing and drop in on each of us and advise us on how to make our work better. 
So, some of us were doing water colours, while other sketched with charcoal, and then other worked with acrylic paints and then there were others still who were just getting into water-based oils... and we all learned something big on Monday about everything! 

How very cool was that???

So, this is why I haven't been in here. But if you look at Inside Artistic Dialogue (and if you're not currently a member of that group, do join up), you'll see more about the art classes and the Logan Artists Association. It's a brilliant place to be, as it's in such a quiet place to work at. I haven't felt so welcomed, and wanted to learn so much from so many people. Until my next post, keep creating!

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