Monday, September 26, 2011

Days Away From Finishing!

Now, it's been about a month since I put out the call for your help to name this painting.  And I've been working on it every afternoon - and on my weekends when I'm not editing my books.  Now, I'm up to the final week of finishing it up.  
The background is almost finished, the flowers have to have their finishing touches applied and it needs to be signed.  But there is one vital thing - the most important thing - that needs to be applied to this painting!  It needs a name!  And instead of me picking the name, I've had people suggest to me that there ought to be a poll to see which name is the most popular.  So, you'll see at the top - above the Followers - is the poll of all the names.  Which ones do you like?  Please put in your favourites - you can vote on more than one - and on Friday, I'll pick the most popular.  Otherwise, I've posted the photos of the painting from beginning to end below.

I'm so happy with how far I've gotten with this one; as well how it's turned out.  I didn't know it was going to turn out to be such a lovely painting.  And the list of names I've received thus far really suit it too.


  1. That is a pretty painting! Very bright and colorful. I voted on three names: Secret Flowers, The Flower Burst, and Abundance.

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. (((Hugging you back!)))

  2. You're very welcome - about the words on your blog regarding your Mum. Mothers are precious people.

    Thank you so much for voting. I can't wait until Friday to see which title is the most popular! Then we'll all know who's won! :D