Monday, September 19, 2011

September Already.

At the beginning of February, I wanted to begin painting again; however I didn't know where to start.  You see, there are many things that can cause us to stop painting - or making our own type of art - and it's usually what's going on around us.  For me, it was new neighbours.  They weren't just new, they were rude, horrible and noisy.  For a year they didn't settle and just made my life dreadful; as well as everyone else's.  So, my artwork came to a grinding halt.  No matter what I put up on easel, I either couldn't touch it or couldn't finish it. 
So, at Christmas, I made a promise to myself that this year I'd get in and do some work; even if it meant getting outdoors and working from a portable means (like Van Gogh did) outside my studio; at least I'd get something done!  Well, I thought to show you all the finished artwork I've done this year.

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