Friday, September 9, 2011

Knitting Workshop a Creative Blast!

Today, I went to the Logan Art Gallery to attend a knitting Master Class put on by Chris Zantis; who has an exhibition there (it's in the first gallery; and is absolutely brilliant).  On arrival, there were some ladies who had all brought along their knitting bags and goodies with them (something I had thought of bringing; but decided against it). Anyway, the Gallery was late in opening and we were all out the front for a few minutes introducing ourselves for a little while.

Once inside, Chris introduced herself and we put our bags inside the workroom and were shown around her exhibit in the first gallery.  
She explained how each piece came about and what materials she used; and where she arrived to have them.  The talk went for about an hour or so before we all went into the workroom and Chris showed us how she did some of the stitches she has been doing in her works; and a few of us took notes; then we tried it out.  I stuffed one lot up, but improvised (as we're encouraged to do so).  Anyway, we learned how to do a cord, make a skirt with the wool and adding on was a lot easier than I thought it was.  She made it a more fun than knitting has been in the past. 

Then, came the imaginative part.  We were invited to try out making a piece from what we've learnt that told a story about our lives right now.  I began knitting with really bulky wool made a little piece with different stitches.  Then I grabbed some wool and made a cord; and then, I worked on stitching it to a grater... part of attaching it to it was stitching pearls on it and tying bows of yarn onto it as well!  I had a ball with it; calling it: 'Chained to the Sink!'.  And Chris saw it and loved it immediately crying out that she needed a camera; which Judy (or Leslie, I don't know who as I was concentrating on my work) took a few photos of it.  Chris asked why it was called that and I said I live alone and it's all I seem to be doing:  washing up all the time, and they all laughed.
I loved working with knitting and yarn in the different ways and integrating the kitchen materials with it all; it made knitting a lot more interesting and fun.  We got to take home our work too.  There are still some finishing touches on my grater I've got to do, but I'm happy with my work otherwise.  Until my next post, keep creating! 

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  1. Wow. That gave me a completely new perspective on knitting. Beautiful!