Saturday, March 13, 2010

All At Once

I've had a couple of projects on the run all at the same time; and it caught up with me last night. I copped myself eye strain in my left eye! Haven't had that for a long time, and don't wish to get it again. So, I gave myself the night off from knitting a part of a square for the blanket, painting anything or cutting up magazines... and did I feel useless! I have gotten so used to making sure my hands are doing something that when I stopped them from doing anything, I felt unproductive. Doesn't that feel horrible?

As well as the above projects that are being worked on all at the same time, I'm also taking part in 365 Project which has a lot to do with creative photography. Next week there's a colour theme from Sunday to Saturday. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and Violet. I hope I can get the last two colours right; they'll be hard.

Anyway, I've been working on getting rid of the magazines I don't need... and slowly but surely I'm getting there. I'm also practicing a lot of piano - even though it sounds terribly out of tune - and also I'm still working on the main second painting I chose to work on. Yep, my art life is going well. Slowly, but well. Until next time, keep knitting and keep creating.



    I saw an article in the Brisbane MX paper and thought of you, googled and found this article.

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you for that! I love it! Read the whole article and had a good laugh... exactly what the police in the US are going to charge the Midnight Knitter on is beyond me... but it'll be worth finding out once they're caught.

    Funny thing is: I attach mine during the day and nobody has stopped me - not even the police around Logan.