Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Farm Park

While I was out and about on Sunday afternoon with friends, we went to the Powerhouse Museum at New Farm Park to see an exhibition of photographs of singers and bands in concert. It was brilliant and I loved it. Afterward, we took a walk around place and out near the Brisbane River where we found a very original flood marker that showed how high the 1974 floods rose to around the area. For years, I thought this particular piece of outsider artwork was just that until I read the plaque between the first and second letter. These red letters stand around 5ft tall on the taller letters and that's where the waters rose to. And being only 5ft myself, I felt very small against all this metal. Then, you had to add on the remaining level of the river before it reached these markers; and it shows this was a bad flood. But a remarkably good way of showing where it came to.

In New Farm Park itself, there's other outsider art around the place and these two ladies in steel were just two of them. I found them eye-catching and beautiful in their own way; and they were set apart by only a few metres. Even though they don't really have any names on them, they make the rose garden nearby look lovely. I tend to think they may be the guardians of the rose garden seeing that both of them are holding a flower each; and New Farm Park has a large rose garden which makes it a wonderful backdrop for weddings.

So, there are the two pieces of artworks I've seen recently that I thought to share with you all. Stay tuned and I'll keep you up to date with more photos of outsider art from Logan City and the Brisbane Metro Area. There really are some wonderful artists out there.

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