Monday, March 1, 2010

The Next Unfinished Painting Is....

As you all know, I've got a collection of paintings that I rushed through years ago and either half-finished them and signed them or I stopped halfway through and got stuck. Well, this year is the year I'll be getting into finishing some - or all - of them. I began with the one below; and that was great success! Seeing it didn't have a name, I had the best fun getting you guys to name my painting for me. The new one that's up on my easel now is name 'Face In a Vase of Flowers'. What I did was stick my face into a vase of flowers and painted what I saw. It's a very up-close and interesting view of what did see.
However, the before shot isn't all that exciting. It's very flat. So, I'll be sitting at it every few days and fixing up this painting to get the details right; not changing the flowers or leaves, just getting the light and colour right so it jumps out to the viewer.

So, stay tuned for the next time you see this painting; it'll look brand new and gorgeous!

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