Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art Workshop at the Logan Art Gallery

Yesterday afternoon, Mum and I took off to the Logan Art Gallery to take part in a workshop to make our own book covers.  The great thing was that the artist who was showing there was also giving the class.  So, we got to talk to her.  Sandy Johnson told us how she was inspired to work with mixed media and an old set of books her children could no longer use thanks to the internet.

Then, we had our chance to have a go at doing this great artistic fun ourselves.  She showed us how to make our piece of calico into a 4-layered backdrop of what would turn into our book cover, wall-hanging or whatever we thought it would be.  But instead of making us wait for two days for it to cure/dry, she had some ready-made ones for us to finish off.  And we all had our own idea of how
things were supposed to look.  
My phase one (piece of calico with the 4-layered backdrop) looked really great until I put some tissue paper on it.  For some reason it looked very gooey and messy after that.  Otherwise, I was thrilled with my phase two piece that I simply put some bookcrossing notes, ribbon and stamps on; and then to finish it off, I gave it a light blue wash.  Very nice.  I look forward to using it on a journal at some point.  However, I'm still trying to figure out what can be done about the first phase piece I've got still drying downstairs which looks like it's falling apart; but it may not yet.
I'll keep you posted about it and if it's a failure, I'll see what I can do about it; and see if I can improve upon it and make it better.  If not, well, Sandy might be doing something differently to what we did yesterday.

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