Monday, March 1, 2010

Brilliant Art I've found.

While I was on holidays, I found two pieces of wonderful art that I thought would be great to share here. Now, people in New South Wales paint pretty much anything the Tweed Shire lets them, and this Pad Mounted Substation was no exception! Now, just look at her! Isn't she gorgeous with all those pink, pink curls? I loved her from the moment I saw her when I arrived at Brunswick Heads and wanted a photo. And seeing it was almost the end of my holidays, I asked my Dad to slow the car down so I could.

The next photo I have here wasn't far from the substation. He's a letterbox of a rather famous family in Ocean Shores. These people built one of the first 'green houses'. The house works almost completely off green energy; and they have been for a long time now. But their letterbox does get a lot of attention from people walking and driving past. Personally, I think he's just cute!

Stayed tuned for more photos of public art around other areas that have been done by wonderful artist who should be recognised!

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